Slow roast

The Magic of Slow Roasting

'A Lot of Magic' is not just a name, but a testament to our devotion to flavor. Unlike many in the coffee industry who chase speed and volume, we cherish patience and precision. Our signature Slow Roast blend stands as evidence. By slow roasting our beans, we gently coax out the intricate aromas embedded within, ensuring each bean's flavor spectrum is fully realized.

In our roastery, tradition meets technology. While our methods are rooted in artisanal practices, we harness the latest roasting techniques. Unlike many, we opt to roast our beans in smaller batches, dedicating between 12 to 18 minutes at temperatures ranging from 200 to 220 degrees. The exact proportions and timings? Well, that remains our magical secret. But the unparalleled taste experience? That's our gift to you.

While our approach may be unhurried, the outcome is unmistakable. It ensures every bean unveils its full taste potential, providing you with the distinct flavor profile that defines our coffee. A symphony of flavors in every cup. A taste so magical, so consistent, it's unmistakably 'A Lot of Magic'.

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